Duct Tape Crafts

It was during World War II that duct tapes were used for the very first time. The tapes were basically used for sealing and fixing different products used by the allied forces like ammunition boxes, canisters and artillery boxes. Duct tapes were extensively used for fixing leaking air ducts and hence the name duct tape. Waterproof and durable duct tapes are made from an adhesive that is rubber based. These days duct tapes are used for fixing household items like plastic chairs and broken fishing rods. These tapes are also used in industries for fixing broken equipment. Handicraft and personal products can also be made by the use of a duct tape.

Duct Tape CraftsDifferent Varieties of Duct Tape Crafts

The sticky sides of two duct tape pieces are joined together for making duct tape fabric. This fabric is further cut into various sizes and shapes and even joined together for making Duct Tape Crafts. There are different types of handicrafts that can be made using duct tapes. Cell phone covers, bracelets, backpacks, handbags, bookmarks and wallets are some very common items that can be made using duct tape. Apart from these, flip-flops, folders, pencil holders, shoelaces, can holders and hammocks can also be made by the use of duct tape. Fashion designers make use of duct tape fabric for creating wardrobes for women and men. The products or crafts made out of duct tape are waterproof, durable and they possess a very glossy and bright finish.

How are Duct Tapes made?

Layers of durable and sturdy cloth mesh and waterproof polyethylene are pressed under very high pressure in order to make duct tapes. Even artists make use of duct tapes for creating life-size sculptures of famous personalities, cartoon characters, birds and animals. These products tend to be very creative and innovative and they can easily be purchased from several online stores. There are different colors of strength of duct tapes available throughout the market. These duct tapes can be easily combined for making new handicarfts that are quite vibrant and colorful. Duct tapes crafts can be created very easily by being a little creative and by using a little bit of innovation.

Where to get Duct Tape Crafts?

The use of strong and adhesive duct tapes in no longer limited to emergency fixing measures. Duct tapes are at present used for creating an assortment of decorative items and accessories. These days, duct tape crafts widely feature in magazines and lifestyle books. More and more people are turning patrons and fans of this type of art. These crafts have fast become a culture in the United States of America. There is a whole new class of experts that has emerged in order to cater to the demands of Duct Tape Crafts. Contests and competitions are regulalrly held in colleges and schools to create new innovative products using duct tape.

Types of Duct Tape

There are different types of duct tape used for making crafts of varied styles and structures. The best types of duct tapes found in the market include professional grade, industrial grade, all purpose grade, colored grade and utility grade. Among these, the industrial grade and the all purpose grade duct tapes can be best used for making different types of crafts. All varieties of duct tapes differ in their composition and they can easily be combined for making more vibrant and new works of art or products.

Clothing made from Duct Tape

The procedure of making clothes from duct tape is a bit time consuming. The process involves keeping a piece of tape on a flat surface where the sticky side should face up. Then two pieces of duct tape with their sides facing down are kept over that single piece side by side. In this way the duct tape fabric is made by continuing the procedure of laying the duct tapes till the required length is achieved. Next water and lather is used for washing the fabric after which the fabric is cut into various sizes and shapes to be joined together by the use of duct tape. Duct tape clothing is waterproof and strong. A few products or clothing made from duct tape include ties, belts, gowns, jackets, bikinis, wedding dresses, shoes and shirts.